Hi fellas, So here we are on my first ever website, what do you think? I’ve always wanted to make my own website where I can host my videos, a blog and pictures all in the same place. It took a LOT of trial and error getting it to work. I spent ages looking for the right theme as I had a certain specific look in mind. To be honest, this wasn’t it. I eventually found one that I thought was suitable, installed it and tried to edit an aspect of code, which was stupid because I can’t code. I ended up ruining the theme and I couldn’t fix it. I was about to give up but I thought I’d have another look. The very first theme I found was this one and I knew instantly it was perfect! So after all that hassle with finding, installing and testing both themes and plugins, we now have this. My very first website. At the moment I’m still filling it up with content and making fixes here and there so bear with me, but once I get them sorted I’ll look into adding more pages. Let me know what you think and give me your suggestions if you have any 🙂 Thanks fellas! Joey